Yeast Infection Diet – The Foods to Consume and Foods to Avoid

Candida or Candida Albicans is actually a yeast infection that affects a lot of women from all over the world. Interestingly however, the yeast actually remains normally within the human body – inside the vagina and the digestive system. This fungus also sometimes travels throughout the body and affects the intestines, heart valves and even the throat.

But sometimes, the levels of candida can shoot up, and this is when it begins to cause problems. The woman becomes a victim of a disease that is known as Candidiasis. The fact is, the level of candida is kept in check by the good probiotic bacteria within the body and also by the natural immune system. But people who have a poor immune system are prone to getting this disease and the overuse of antibiotics can also be harmful because they kill the good bacteria and also make the immune system dependent on the medicines on the long term.

Here Are Some Causes of Candidiasis
•Pregnancy can also cause this
•Overuse of steroids, antacids, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and anti-ulcer medications
Another important issue is the yeast infection diet. Experts are of the opinion that a proper or improper diet can either prevent the onset of yeast infection or it can make the condition worse. In other words, if you are not eating the right kind of food or if your eating regimen is not proper, then it can work as a trigger to make you suffer from candidiasis.

Yeast Infection Diet– The Importance of the Right Diet
Candida constantly changes within the body, and the fact is that, it cannot be killed that simply. To successfully eliminate an infection, you must change the internal environment that is responsible for causing it to overgrow and the blood cells to become pleomprphic.

Changing your diet to a yeast infection diet is among the first and the most important things that you can do. Your approach here should actually be two pronged. This means, you must on the one hand avoid all those foods that make the condition worse, and on the other hand, you should consume all those foods that can fight candida.

Candida yeast infections feed on sugar, gluten grains, processed foods, mucus-forming foods and all refined carbohydrates. So by eliminating or strictly minimizing the consumption of these foods, we deprive candida from its food supply that helps it to multiply.

You should actually consume anti-candida foods on a yeast infection diet. By eating healthy, hormone-balancing, cleansing and nutritious foods, or following a yeast infection diet you will be able to cleanse or detoxify your body and thus normalize the hormonal production levels. You will also be able to build a stronger immune system to help the body defend itself against candida, parasites and other fungi. Remember, a poor immunity is one of the root causes of candidiasis.

Yeast Infection Diet – The Foods That You Must Always Avoid or Try to Minimize
Though there are quite a few foods that can make the condition worse or work as a trigger, but the fact remains that, dairy products (particularly milk from cow) are among the most notorious yeast infection-aggravating products that you can ever find. They cause allergies, create heavy mucus, and they clog your digestive tracts as they become like glue once they enter your bowels. And products made from dairy are also filled with antibiotics, which is destructive to your body and hormonal balance.

You might be surprised to know that humans are the only species that drink milk from another species. So it is best to avoid dairy products as much as possible.

If you are concerned about your candida, a yeast infection diet also avoids refined sugar. The cakes you eat, sodas, cookies, and even the breakfast cereals may not be that healthy because there are huge quantities of refined sugar in them. And in extreme cases, it is also best to avoid consuming a lot of grapes, bananas, and apples in a yeast infection diet because they also contain high amounts of sugar.

You must also try to check your levels of high glycemic carbohydrates. So try to reduce your levels of carbohydrates in your food as much as you can as part of a yeast infection diet.

Yeast Infection Diet – Foods That Can Help You Fight Candida
•Vegetables – eat a lot of them and eat fresh
•High protein foods such as fish, eggs, chicken and beef
•Coconut oil – Use this when you are cooking your food because it has potent anti-fungal properties. It comes with Caprylic acid and Lauric acid, and both of them can prevent the onset of an attack.
•Garlic – It can preserve and boost the bacteria in your digestive system and has antifungal properties too. Flavor your food with garlic.
•Onions – There are many candida victims who retain more water in the body than they should. Onion will help them flush out the excess water, and it has anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too.
•Almonds – Keep your candida away with almonds in a yeast infection diet. Research has proved that they can help good bacteria to grow and unlike some animal products or nuts, they are excellent for alkaline protein. If you cannot digest almonds easily, then soak them first.
Yes it is an established fact that the right yeast infection diet is very crucial for candida. However it is essential to know that changing to a yeast infection diet plan may not be enough. That is because there are many causes of candida – a wrong diet is not the only cause. So for best results, you should actually opt for holistic remedies because they treat the body as a whole to identify all the root causes and then eliminate them. Of course once the root causes all go away, candida and its symptoms cannot bother you anymore.

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